Finding the Right Used Car

When your journey begins for your next used car it is a good idea to note down some things you want your next vehicle to have and what budget you are prepared to go to.

For example, you may want it to have the following features: stop / start function, reversing sensors / camera, front and back electric windows, minimum size of alloy wheels, be a hatchback,  Bluetooth connectivity, diesel or petrol.

You may also want to establish if you have a limit on the maximum mileage of the car and how flexible you are with the mileage. Once you have decided on the features, type of car, fuel preference and mileage you will be in a better position to start the search for your vehicle.

Setting a maximum budget is the next step. What is the absolute most amount of money you are prepared to pay? Remember when you are looking you can still search for cars above your budget with the intention of negotiating the price down to be within your price range.


Ok, so you have everything decided, now you just to need to locate your next car and get the best price for it. The first step here is to search online through various vehicles websites like nicarfinder, carzone etc and find a vehicle that meets most of the needs that you listed earlier int the process. When you have found them it is a good idea to print out similar vehicles so you can use a negotiating tactic when you are face to face with dealer.

Narrow down your search by selecting the best 3 vehicles that meet your criteria and arranging with the seller to view the vehicle.

When you are at the premises of the seller remember the research you have done so that you are armed with as much information as possible. Do not be afraid to low ball the dealer with an offer. They are sales people and as much as they may act offended at your offer, they do the exact same thing when they are buying the vehicles in the first place. If you cannot get the car at the price you want remember there are thousands of vehicles out there with new stock arriving everyday so unless you are after a rare classic car you will always have plenty to choose from.

If you are in the market for a used Truck in Ireland check out M&M Trucks in Newry. They have a large stock and service the whole of Ireland as well as the UK.